LHNS (Linux Hotplug Node Support)

Overview:last update: 09/30/2004

 This project is to develop a patch to support Hot-plug node for Linux kernel. Node is defined here just as a container device which contains CPUs, memory and/or I/O devices. There are some types of node containing:

  - CPUs, memory, and I/O devices
  - CPUs and memory
  - CPUs only
  - memory only
  - I/O devices only
  - etc

 The patch allows node to be added/removed without stoppoing the system.

 This project mainly focuses on ACPI based features as follows to enable the node hotplug. Please follow the links for more information and remaining tasks (TODO list).

  - ACPI container device hotplug
  - ACPI based CPU hotplug
  - ACPI based memory hotplug
  - ACPI based I/O hotplug
  - H2P bridge hotplug
  - P2P bridge hotplug
  - IOSAPIC hotplug